Hi, we’re Lina and Larissa


We’re co-founders of Mommikin and MommikinJobs, as well as work-at-home moms and small business owners.

Becoming a mom brings a tough decision — do I continue my job and miss out on the beautiful memories happening back home? Or do I stop going to my workplace and slowly drift away from employment, losing my hard-earned skill set, income and professional identity?

We have both been running our own home-based design studios long before we had children. Back then, being self-employed felt like a nicety — avoiding the grind of the daily commute, escaping office politics, having more flexibility and control over our careers and more time to pursue personal projects.

Becoming moms certainly changed our lives — flexibility got replaced by desperately working on client projects during naptime while personal projects got traded in for giggling at the playground.

We’ve both been fortunate to be able to integrate family and work. Having the flexibility to spend more time with our little ones, instead of being in the office and tied to a daily commute, has been a true gift. Being able to work from home lets us retain our economic freedom and our professional identity, and gives us a way to continue our contributions to the wider world beyond our doorsteps.

Our experience is rare. Most moms struggle within our modern work culture — 43% of women leave their jobs when they have kids, and of those, only 40% will ever return to fulltime work. According to the US census, 5.4 million women have currently placed their careers on hold to take care of their families. 

However in the 21st century, were many jobs can be done remotely and many small businesses struggle to find experienced talent, it seems like there's a huge opportunity to do things differently.

Since starting Mommikin, we have had the opportunity to interview many creative moms about how they balance motherhood with their creative work. We started to notice a common thread — many moms changed the standard work vs. parenthood paradigm to build a new third, holistic option. With MommikinJobs.com we're trying to build a bridge between these creative, professional moms and the small businesses that so desperately need their talents.