Business Profile


Mabo clothier specializes in fine children's clothing designed for little ones' comfort and simple style. With quality, natural fabrics – cotton and linen for summer and cozy wools for winter, our clothing is characterized by classic, clean designs with contemporary and playful details.


“I truly love being around my kids and make most decisions based on that, but I also know that a career and creative fulfillment are vitally important to me and my happiness.”

— Emily McMaster, Owner Mabo clothier


Emily McMaster is the owner and designer of Mabo, a children’s clothing line which features pieces created with a special attention to quality and detail, and are meant to be passed down as heirloom items. Though Emily received her masters in Cinema studies at NYU and has worked in independent film, she fell in love with well-made classic children’s clothes when her first daughter was born.

Armed with the sewing skills and inspiration passed down from her mom, Emily started sewing clothes for her own daughter which eventually led to the creation of Mabo. Now Emily’s designs can be sold in stores across the country and online retailers worldwide. Emily lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and two daughters.


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