Freelancing represents freedom for many people. No more will someone else's failure affect your paycheck, nor will being assigned a task outside your skill set doom your future. As a freelancer, you choose what you want to do and you decide how much you're getting paid. If you have one of these skills, you can build a career on it.

1.    Design

Aesthetics is the new buzzword. If a website or app fails to impress, it'll probably be ignored in a heartbeat. People want a great user experience, and if you can design a great interface for an app or an intuitive layout for a website, you've got a future. 

2.    Proofreading and Editing 

If you have command of a language, any language, you can become a freelancer. You could become a proofreader and make sure that any and all transcripts sent to you are free of grammatical trip-ups and typos. If you're good enough, you can take it to the next level and become an editor. People send you text, and you improve it.

3.    Social Media Savvy 

Most companies need an online marketing presence, but not all elements of it are cost-effective. For example, it's often much better to grab a freelancer for social media marketing rather than hiring one as a regular employee. If you know how to play the social networking game, this might be the job for you.

4.    Art and Animation 

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but great art and animation are worth so much more. Art can deliver a wealth of information at a glance, and animation can keep it for extended periods of time and increase engagement numbers. Everyone, from amateur YouTubers to big companies, wants animation and art in one form or another.

5.    Generating Leads 

Companies love lead generators. Your responsibilities here are vast, from generating new sales leads to figuring out which ones are worth pursuing. You'll do this across various mediums such as social media and email.

6.    Actual Photography Skills 

This bears clarification, as everybody has a camera and a thousand friends who will tell them that their pictures are worth it. If you know how to take great pictures, you may have a job. Demand may have dropped in some forms of media, but there will always be a place for portrait photographers as well as commercial ones.

7.    Website Development

While services like Squarespace has made website creation a breeze, there's still room for people who can build something from the ground up. Squarespace and similar tools can give a company a quick website - an actual expert can customize it to a degree that fits company branding and their specific audience. 

8.    Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization 

Many online marketers will tell you that content is king when it comes to their work, and they're right. Great content is both optimized for search engines and enjoyable to readers. This is more difficult than it sounds, but if you have the writing chops, go for it.

9.    Being Multi-Lingual 

Businesses can end up dealing with people who don't share their mother tongue, making communication difficult. That's where you come in - translation work can pave the way for important deals and make sure everyone's getting what they're expecting. Get accredited and get to work.

10.    Voice Over Work 

Videos are ubiquitous, and they'll only spread more as high-speed Internet becomes more easily accessible. While videos can do well without a single word being spoke, a voice can lend much-needed humanity to something that would otherwise be cold. If you've got the gear and the talent, you've got recordings waiting for you.

Make no mistake, being a freelancer isn't easy. In many cases, you'll need to work twice as hard to make the same amount of money as a regular employee, and you'll do it without benefits. However, you get to be free. For many people, just having their hands on the wheel is enough to tempt them into throwing off the corporate reins. If that's the kind of control you want, being a freelancer may be for you.